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Member Workshops
Club Artist Workshop Program

This program is designed to improve the quality of bonsai art in FWBS through a comprehensive, regular, and long term engagement of a 'Club Artist'. The thought is that seasonal work on the same tree over a period of years with the same teacher is a better bonsai education than occasional visiting artists and expensive workshops.

Three times a year, we will hold the 'Club Artist Workshop' as our regular monthly meeting on the second Saturday. We will still meet in the regular room. Every member is invited to bring in 1 or 2 trees that they would like to work on for the next several years with the 'Club Artists'. Though not a fast rule, the idea is to bring in the same trees to each workshop, thereby continually improving those trees.

The Club Artists:

The Club Artists are Howard & Sylvia Smith, both members of FWBS. They are graduates of Boon Manakitivipart's, intensive training program and continue to work with Boon each year. Their bonsai trees have been featured in many publications and on internet sites in this country and abroad. They both displayed trees in the USA National Exhibitions in Rochester, NY. Howard has a tree featured in the gallery area of the Jan-Feb, 2011 issue of Bonsai Focus magazine. Well known in the local area, FWBS has awarded Sylvia the 'Members Choice Award' in 2009, and Howard was awarded 'Best of Show' at the 2010 LSBF Bonsai Convention in Fort Worth. Owners of 'Bonsai Smiths' bonsai sales and services company, they have conducted workshops for many years. They are skilled in deciduous trees, tropicals, conifers & pines, as well as bonsai display. We are fortunate they accepted the position of 'Club Artists' for FWBS.

Benefits of the 'Club Artist Workshop':

Every member now has an opportunity to take a tree and develop it with professional help into a nice bonsai. There is no question that you will have a better tree every year.

  • Any type of tree or bonsai style is acceptable material.

  • Your confidence in your bonsai skills will improve.

  • Your new found confidence will translate over to your entire bonsai collection.
This program should appeal to all members of FWBS, beginners as well as more experienced bonsai enthusiasts. The workshop setting allows you to learn from the other participants with a large variety of trees and styles. Watch everyone's trees develop over the years and you will advance beyond your own collection.

This is an entirely free program to FWBS members. The bonsai art in Fort Worth should improve dramatically. Our public shows will improve as our trees improve.

We should increase our membership with this program.

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Fort Worth Bonsai Society Meeting Location Map
Club Meeting Location Map
Fort Worth Botanic Garden Conservatory
3220 Botanic Garden Drive North (off University Dr)
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens
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