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Seasons Greetings To All and A Very Merry Christmas With A Prosperous and Happy New Year!

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Fort Worth Bonsai Exhibit Feedback Survey

This questionnaire and comment section concerns the Bonsai Exhibit at the Fort Worth Japanese Gardens sponsored by the Fort Worth Bonsai Society. The exhibit contains 3 trees and is located on the east deck of the Treasure Tree Gift Shop. If you have seen it, please give us your feedback. If you have not seen it, go and take a look and come back to this website and give us your feedback.

Take Our Bonsai Exhibit Survey
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FWBS Meetings and Scheduled Events
2017 Calendar of Events (Saturday meetings start at 9 am)

December 9th - Club meeting. Christmas Party.

2018 Calendar of Events (Saturday meetings start at 9 am)
*** Mark your calendars. Dates for next year's meetings have been reserved. Programs and some event dates are still to be determined ***
January 13th - Club meeting. Bonsai Smith's Workshop. Emphasis on repotting.
January 27th - Club meeting. Junipers For Sales.
February 10th - Club meeting. Junipers For Sales.
March 10th - Club meeting. Bonsai Smith's Workshop.
April 14th - Annual Club Auction and Raffle.
April 20th thru 22nd - LSBF State Convention in Longview.
May 6th - Sunday. Visiting speaker Roy Nagatoshi.
May 18th thru 20th - Club Exhibition. Rose Room. Friday night: set-up. Viewing Saturday & Sunday.
June 9th - Club meeting. Program TBD.
July 14th - Club meeting. Bonsai Smith's Workshop (Pines?)
August 11th - Club Business Meeting.
September 8th - Club meeting. Program TBD.
October 13th - Club meeting. LSBF traveling speaker?
November 10th - Club meeting. Program TBD.
December 8th - Club meeting. Christmas Party.
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FWBS Latest Articles
Articles For Your Enjoyment & Education
Miniature Magic: Bonsai Tree Masters - Bonsai Lore & History
Time to Repot - Bonsai Care
American Bonsai Styles - Bonsai Styles
Bonsai Survived Hiroshima - Bonsai Lore & History
How to Reduce the Size of Leaves - Bonsai Care
Root Pruning Bare Root Seedlings - Bonsai Care
Using Principles of Growth to Manipulate Plants for Bonsai - Bonsai Care
Stainless Steel vs Carbon Steel Tools - Bonsai Tools
Your First Bonsai - Bonsai Beginners
Bonsai Beginner's Page - Bonsai Beginners
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Latest Active Forum Threads
  Thread Views Replies Last Post
How to style different bons...
Styling Principles & Procedures
278 0 Webmaster
September 29, 2017
Fort Worth Bonsai Society Club
Club Membership
225 0 Webmaster
September 29, 2017
Questions & Answers About Bonsai
2546 5 WeeTree
July 09, 2017
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Fort Worth Bonsai Society Meeting Location Map
Club Meeting Location Map
Fort Worth Botanic Garden Conservatory
3220 Botanic Garden Drive North (off University Dr)
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens
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